Machu Picchu Weather Conditions

Machu Picchu weather conditions

Machu Picchu weather is important for travelers. Although equatorial South America is known for steamy rainforests, the high altitude of Machu Picchu makes for much milder temperatures. The average temperatures range between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit with only slight variations throughout the year. The subtropical region has an annual rainy and dry season, but Machu Picchu is almost always surrounded by fog in any weather. November to April is the rainy season, although daily short showers are common most times of the year. Peak tourist season corresponds with the dry season in July and August when the nights are cool and the days are generally dry. January and February are the rainiest months, and many people visit the area in November and April to avoid the heaviest crowds.

Machu Picchu Weather by Month

Machu Picchu Weather Conditions by Month

Machu Picchu weather conditions for travelers

Below is a chart for the weather conditions for travelers grouped according to the most popular tourist sites

Machu Picchu weather conditions